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Lucas Air Mass Sensor FDM802

Lucas Air Mass Sensor FDM802

Lucas Air Mass Sensor FDM802 Replaces 226807F405,0281002594,0281002595,MAFS126,MAFS126G,MAFS126M,MAFS126OE,7516237,86237,38784,19455, more

Lucas Air Mass Sensor FDM802 Replaces 226807F405,0281002594,0281002595,MAFS126,MAFS126G,MAFS126M,MAFS126OE,7516237,86237,38784,19455,8030247Air Mass Meters have been installed in vehicles for more than a decade and are now one of the most important components in engine management. Typically, if the AMM fails, the vehicle will not function. An air mass meter measures the amount of air being supplied to the engine to ensure smooth and fuel efficient operation. Due to increasingly demanding requirements of environmental regulation, Air Mass Meters have become very precise and extremely sensitive. A faulty or soiled air mass meter may supply incorrect signals to the ECU resulting in a multitude of errors. The demands put up on air mass meters have also increased in recent years, particularly with turbo diesel applications where air pressure and speed is much higher.Number of Poles - 5


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